Leader Board for Power Automate Quiz

So what is special about this scoreboard? It’s live and the data source is a Microsoft SharePoint List! I have built a Power Automate Cloud Flow that retrieves the scoreboard using an HTTP Trigger. Complete the Quiz here and come back to check where you appear, can you make the top 20?

The solution has two Cloud Flows. The first triggers on the Microsoft Form being completed and all of the answers are saved to a SharePoint List, the user’s score is calculated too!

Then I have an iframe on this page that calls the second cloud flow via an HTTP trigger and the top 20 results are obtained from the SharePoint List in Descending order. The HTTP response is an HTTP table.

Why have I built this solution? I wanted to demonstrate how a secure Microsoft Form could be combined with live data externally. This page is dynamic and it pulls its data from the Office 365 Cloud each time the page is refreshed.

If your business has data stored on Office 365, SharePoint, Dataverse, etc, you can make it available externally using the HTTP trigger, no need to get your content management administrator to update the content manually each time you create a new document or content. Have Power Automate compile the data and display it in real-time to your website.

That aside – how did you do in the Quiz?